Tuesday, November 27, 2007

" The Most Valuable, Premium Domain Names "

With all the headlines, and news coverage, about the record sales prices being paid, for generic domain names. One might think, these traffic favorites are the most valuable of all, the classes of domain names. In actuality though, the sales prices of the most valuable top domain names ever sold have been secretly withheld from the public. The fact is, many of the most valuable domain names never reach public auctions.

So why are we, the public, not privy to the highest prices being paid for these premium domain names? Actually it is because of a little known fact, that many of the largest corporate investors, prefer to make their purchases, of premium domain names, in strictly private transactions. These private transactions are used, to deliberately hide prices being paid for domain names. For this reason, many of the largest dollar values being paid for premium domain names, never hit the headlines, and are never reported!

Why is this so? Why do these corporate buyers and speculators not want it publicized, how truly valuable, some top domain names are? In a nutshell, they know increased competition, will inflate the market prices they pay for the names they covet. They do not want to draw any more attention to domain names, and their values, than necessary.

The last thing they want to do is compete for names they truly want and then possibly lose them to higher bidders. To avoid this they choose to operate in closed non public transactions, that are far removed from the public eye. In this cloak of secrecy, these corporate buyers, do not have to competitively bid for a rapidly disappearing pool of top domain names. This explains why they are clearly absent from most public auctions where sales prices are competitively bid and disclosed to the press and public.

In this controlled market place these professional buyers look for unique names that stand out in the crowd and signify an image that differentiates their company from the rest of the pack. They also search for names that are short, that are easy to spell and remember and at the same time describe their particular market niche with Clarity and professionalism. In short, they look for a name that makes a statement, about them and their company.

Most of the qualities these professional buyers look for in a top name can be clarified by understanding, what a premium domain name is. So lets take a look at, the actual definition, of a premium domain name. "Premium domain names are often valuable, and have particular characterizations: The names are short and memorable, may contain words that are regularly searched on search engines or keywords that help the name gain a higher ranking on search engines. They may contain generic words, so the word has more than one meaning, and they may contain typos". An excellent example of a Top premium domain name, is USeBiz.com. It fits the definition of a premium domain name perfectly, makes a statement, and in many experts opinion is truly a most unique and valuable six letter domain name.

Another good example of a previously undiscovered and unknown gem is Android.com. Google bought this name in the secondary market, from a previous owner. This name is now being developed as their flagship address, for an open source software Alliance, for the wireless industry. Now that this name, is under Googles development, we would really have a tough time valuing it, as its sales price was not revealed to the public. But we are sure its market value would be in the millions of dollars. The competition for good quality names, such as these, are increasing at a frenetic pace.

Due to this growing competition, there is an ever increasing demand for premium domain names. The catalyst, that is driving this demand, is the explosive growth of new business start ups, on the internet. This growth has been breath taking, to say the least. So much so, that the worlds one billionth website, is already in place. It took 36 years to reach this water mark! Amazingly enough, the number of web sites are expected to double, again in the next 8 years!, to two billion!

With all this expansion, the worlds major corporations, are in competition with thousands of new start up companies, who are feverishly positioning themselves to master, this thing they call e-Biz! It's no wonder that as a result of all this expansion. There is a huge pent up demand, being created for well branded, easy to spell, and remember domain names. This highly competitive market place has created an exponential increase in the values of good domain names. In fact, some premium domain names are commanding six and seven figure price tags!

The most encouraging aspect of this business, is that there are many undiscovered names that are destined to become internet powerhouses!, that are still available!, in the secondary market!. This is what makes investing in the domain name business, so exciting!. There quite simply is no glass ceiling here, and the sky truly is the limit. Now more than ever, the visionary leaders who keep their focus on investing in premium domain names, will be a part of the futures most successful investors!

For all these reasons and more the secondary market place for domain names is the fastest growing investors asset class on the planet! Our advice for any interested investors, is to start collecting and controlling the letters of the alphabet today!. One word of advice though. Look for hidden values within the secondary market and do not bother with any other extension, other than the .com extension, it's the Predominant choice for most of the worlds top corporations. That is where the real money is!.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

" Attack of The Android or Android to the Rescue ? "

We all have been watching with great interest, Googles latest preemptive launch of its open source Android platform, designed to revolutionize all of our wireless experiences. Buried underneath it all, is a battle for an open source, wireless internet world, supported by Google or a closed source, wireless internet world, manipulated by Microsoft.

I have never been a supporter of Microsoft, whose strategy for growth has always been based on controlling the consumer rather than servicing them. The ramifications of this latest chapter in the Star Wars like battle between these two companies is just another example why Googles organic growth will inevitably surpass Microsofts.

My gut feeling tells me that Android will be wildly successful. You only have to look at the historical track record of open source creativity, versus the closed source protectionist philosophy, to realize the most probable outcome.

History also demonstrates very clearly that closed source software platforms inhibit innovation and creativity, not to mention competition. Consumers crave a platform that involves their active participation in the creative process involved with their web experience!

My fear along with others is that the closed source gang is well entrenched in the wireless industry already. They look at this latest preemptive strike by Googles Android as a threat to their beloved monopoly. Companies that are missing from the Android initiative such as, A T&T and Verizon Wireless, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry and others make me wonder about their committment to serve the consumer?

We as Domainers and consumers have a responsibility for supporting all open source intiatives, whose end result speeds up innovation lowers costs and provides a service to all. We all deserve a robust wireless internet experience. We all need to send a signal to these holdout companies, that we are not going to take it anymore!. Yes even if it means not buying an I-phone!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

" The 800 Pound Gorilla of US e-Biz"

It's a jungle out there!, and there's Billionaires afoot, eagerly awaiting the chance to get their sites honed in on the next 800 pound Gorilla of the world wide web. The stakes are high and the rewards are staggering. What could possibly entice the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Google to don safari attire?

It's simple really, They are just recent examples of investors eager to stake their claim in the fastest growing asset class on the planet! They along with legions of others have decided to join the exclusive club of domainers, which by definition is the hottest business of buying,selling,and monetizing internet domain names, which are the foundation of the greatest wealth building machine on record.

There has never been a time in history, up until the creation of domain names, that you could own and control letters of the alphabet!. Some of the worlds savviest investors have figured this out, and are making millions from this monopoly game, called domain name investment.

This jungle of opportunity, has produced some of the worlds largest corporations including Microsoft and Google. These companies became media giants, because of the fact that they followed a path to riches, based on an organic growth principle. These principles created the foundation that is accessed by a key coding system, better known as a domain name. Quite simply if you own and control the letters of the alphabet that are contained in the domain name, you are in total control, which explains why domain names are todays hottest commodities.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

" Media Typo Mistakes "

What are the chances that you or anyone else for that matter would type in Hulu, over say, a REAL WORD site like Yahoo or eBay ? Slim to nothing right, because people type in key words when searching for a site.

My point being, time and again, seemingly savvy, large corporate players will gamble on a .com typo address, such as Hulu, to launch their business hopes on.
What would cause someone in charge of launching a web start up company to blow away any chance of capturing 10-20% type in traffic ?

Believe it or not their B-School training has always insisted on heavy advertising for any new business launch! This approach may have worked 30 years ago before the internet dramatically changed the playing field.

Old line Advertising firms still preach that to launch a business you need to pay them vast amounts of money for a prolonged period of time on an advertising campaign. This siren song has caused many internet start up companies to wind up on the rocks. It is a seriously flawed approach.

So if your goal is to be successful in the highly competitive launch of an internet business. Use the same money you would otherwise spend on an advertising budget, instead, on a keyword, targeted address, preferably a .com address, from a domainer. Yes I said make your purchase from a Domainer.

The truth is all the A list domain names worth considering, already belong to them. Now I know for some of you control freak Masters of the Universe, this is difficult. After all rewarding someone for choosing a life of creationism over a life based on the traditional B-School Ethos is quite hard on the EGO. Especially when you feel you've been beaten to the punch.

My professional advice to you is, get over it, and spend your money wisely on a world class .com address. Your chances of success on the e-Biz platform dramatically Increase. Granted, typo name addresses are cheap! but remember if you buy your .com address on the cheap, guess what your image is?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

" Branded Networks "

The beauty of the Web, is that there's no better environment for creative networking. So why not grow with the flow and utilize the Webs synergies to your advantage by creating a Branded Network of Businesses. Organic growth plays to a start up companies advantage, something the major media companies still do not get!

Furthermore We all know that Industry segments run hot and cold. So to run on all eight cylinders you need to position your company to take advantage of the cyclical nature of all markets worldwide. If you own a network of businesses, you need only to target your ad focus on the hot industries, and adjust your inventories accordingly. Who's currently doing this effectively? Its still a wide open field as far as the eye can see. Someone will step to the plate, who will it be?
Stay tuned we are scanning the horizon for that opportunity.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

" US e-Biz is on Fire "

Gadzooks Batman are you telling me I can invest under $10 and be in an investment pool that Donald Trump is in? Yes Robin!, Follow me I'll show you how!
Actually Robin, hundreds of Domainers are enlisting in the next gold rush, and they are buying TV and Radio stations with the booty they are enjoying from the sale of Domain Names!
Gosh Batman, this sounds a lot like the e-Biz Bubble era of 2000!

Robin get Real!, this time around very profitable e-Biz giants like Google have just entered the game. Domain Names are burning their way into the record books as being the worlds fastest growing asset class.

Golly Batman, what gave you the first clue? That's easy Robin, you know I have to keep up with the worlds Jokers and while boning up on my research I noticed a Front Page article in Business Weeks May 12 th 2003 Special Report "The E-BIZ SURPRISE" and I almost jumped out of my suit!

Golly Jeepers Batman!, How can I take advantage of this? Well Robin, just keep your I-phone tuned into US eBiz.com my favorite DOMAINLAIR. Holy grail Batman! Do you think I'm too late? Da, Google does not think so!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

" Paradigm Shift "

I'm going to be presenting , to you , some concepts and ideas that rub up against popular Domainers beliefs. I guarantee you won't hear this anywhere else , but I know that you are reasonably flexible in your mind sets , or you wouldn't be involved in this fascinating thing I call e-Biz. Are you ready? , here we go!

It seems that Wall Street and Madison Avenue are finally warming to, but not quite embracing Domainers love affairs with Traffic , Casino, and Porn .com names. All three of these categories have commanded the highest sales values, as well as Press headlines for some time now, and you'd think that Madison Avenue and Wall Street would be rushing to the table, but their not ! , They still remain hesitant.

Madison Avenue and Wall Street , what do they know anyhow? To understand their mindset , You have to try to put yourself in their shoes. To them the afore' mentioned categories of Traffic , Casino, and Porn names, quite simply, go up against their education and training as to accepted Advertising and Branding practices, let alone the ethics of Corporate Image Building.
They understand the value of aiming some of the Traffic names at their branded corporate sites to increase visitors.

But on the other hand, they still view these names as generic, with no or little Branding appeal. For instance: They look at a name like Coffee.com and think to themselves, ok, Coffee What ? The reason they think this way, stems from the fact that their training teaches them to Brand Generic products, so as to differentiate them, from other competitors Generic products !

Because of these reasons, their training makes them yearn for a Website Name that is more targeted and at the same time, Branded. So I pose to you, Whats the most logical answer to all this ? What might just win them over enough to open their wallets ? Could there be a compromise ? A new category of Branded Traffic Names? BINGO ?