Thursday, November 01, 2007

" The 800 Pound Gorilla of US e-Biz"

It's a jungle out there!, and there's Billionaires afoot, eagerly awaiting the chance to get their sites honed in on the next 800 pound Gorilla of the world wide web. The stakes are high and the rewards are staggering. What could possibly entice the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Google to don safari attire?

It's simple really, They are just recent examples of investors eager to stake their claim in the fastest growing asset class on the planet! They along with legions of others have decided to join the exclusive club of domainers, which by definition is the hottest business of buying,selling,and monetizing internet domain names, which are the foundation of the greatest wealth building machine on record.

There has never been a time in history, up until the creation of domain names, that you could own and control letters of the alphabet!. Some of the worlds savviest investors have figured this out, and are making millions from this monopoly game, called domain name investment.

This jungle of opportunity, has produced some of the worlds largest corporations including Microsoft and Google. These companies became media giants, because of the fact that they followed a path to riches, based on an organic growth principle. These principles created the foundation that is accessed by a key coding system, better known as a domain name. Quite simply if you own and control the letters of the alphabet that are contained in the domain name, you are in total control, which explains why domain names are todays hottest commodities.

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