Thursday, May 24, 2007

" Paradigm Shift "

I'm going to be presenting , to you , some concepts and ideas that rub up against popular Domainers beliefs. I guarantee you won't hear this anywhere else , but I know that you are reasonably flexible in your mind sets , or you wouldn't be involved in this fascinating thing I call e-Biz. Are you ready? , here we go!

It seems that Wall Street and Madison Avenue are finally warming to, but not quite embracing Domainers love affairs with Traffic , Casino, and Porn .com names. All three of these categories have commanded the highest sales values, as well as Press headlines for some time now, and you'd think that Madison Avenue and Wall Street would be rushing to the table, but their not ! , They still remain hesitant.

Madison Avenue and Wall Street , what do they know anyhow? To understand their mindset , You have to try to put yourself in their shoes. To them the afore' mentioned categories of Traffic , Casino, and Porn names, quite simply, go up against their education and training as to accepted Advertising and Branding practices, let alone the ethics of Corporate Image Building.
They understand the value of aiming some of the Traffic names at their branded corporate sites to increase visitors.

But on the other hand, they still view these names as generic, with no or little Branding appeal. For instance: They look at a name like and think to themselves, ok, Coffee What ? The reason they think this way, stems from the fact that their training teaches them to Brand Generic products, so as to differentiate them, from other competitors Generic products !

Because of these reasons, their training makes them yearn for a Website Name that is more targeted and at the same time, Branded. So I pose to you, Whats the most logical answer to all this ? What might just win them over enough to open their wallets ? Could there be a compromise ? A new category of Branded Traffic Names? BINGO ?