Saturday, December 31, 2011

Raiding the time capsule vault, Circa 2007. Thought you all would enjoy an old post of mine that is truer now than ever.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

" The Most Valuable, Premium Domain Names "

With all the headlines, and news coverage, about the record sales prices being paid, for generic domain names. One might think, these traffic favorites are the most valuable of all, the classes of domain names. In actuality though, the sales prices of the most valuable top domain names ever sold have been secretly withheld from the public. The fact is, many of the most valuable domain names never reach public auctions.

So why are we, the public, not privy to the highest prices being paid for these premium domain names? Actually it is because of a little known fact, that many of the largest corporate investors, prefer to make their purchases, of premium domain names, in strictly private transactions. These private transactions are used, to deliberately hide prices being paid for domain names. For this reason, many of the largest dollar values being paid for premium domain names, never hit the headlines, and are never reported!

Why is this so? Why do these corporate buyers and speculators not want it publicized, how truly valuable, some top domain names are? In a nutshell, they know increased competition, will inflate the market prices they pay for the names they covet. They do not want to draw any more attention to domain names, and their values, than necessary.

The last thing they want to do is compete for names they truly want and then possibly lose them to higher bidders. To avoid this they choose to operate in closed non public transactions, that are far removed from the public eye. In this cloak of secrecy, these corporate buyers, do not have to competitively bid for a rapidly disappearing pool of top domain names. This explains why they are clearly absent from most public auctions where sales prices are competitively bid and disclosed to the press and public.

In this controlled market place these professional buyers look for unique names that stand out in the crowd and signify an image that differentiates their company from the rest of the pack. They also search for names that are short, that are easy to spell and remember and at the same time describe their particular market niche with Clarity and professionalism. In short, they look for a name that makes a statement, about them and their company.

Most of the qualities these professional buyers look for in a top name can be clarified by understanding, what a premium domain name is. So lets take a look at, the actual definition, of a premium domain name. "Premium domain names are often valuable, and have particular characterizations: The names are short and memorable, may contain words that are regularly searched on search engines or keywords that help the name gain a higher ranking on search engines. They may contain generic words, so the word has more than one meaning, and they may contain typos". An excellent example of a Top premium domain name, is It fits the definition of a premium domain name perfectly, makes a statement, and in many experts opinion is truly a most unique and valuable six letter domain name.

Another good example of a previously undiscovered and unknown gem is Google bought this name in the secondary market, from a previous owner. This name is now being developed as their flagship address, for an open source software Alliance, for the wireless industry. Now that this name, is under Googles development, we would really have a tough time valuing it, as its sales price was not revealed to the public. But we are sure its market value would be in the millions of dollars. The competition for good quality names, such as these, are increasing at a frenetic pace.

Due to this growing competition, there is an ever increasing demand for premium domain names. The catalyst, that is driving this demand, is the explosive growth of new business start ups, on the internet. This growth has been breath taking, to say the least. So much so, that the worlds one billionth website, is already in place. It took 36 years to reach this water mark! Amazingly enough, the number of web sites are expected to double, again in the next 8 years!, to two billion!

With all this expansion, the worlds major corporations, are in competition with thousands of new start up companies, who are feverishly positioning themselves to master, this thing they call e-Biz! It's no wonder that as a result of all this expansion. There is a huge pent up demand, being created for well branded, easy to spell, and remember domain names. This highly competitive market place has created an exponential increase in the values of good domain names. In fact, some premium domain names are commanding six and seven figure price tags!

The most encouraging aspect of this business, is that there are many undiscovered names that are destined to become internet powerhouses!, that are still available!, in the secondary market!. This is what makes investing in the domain name business, so exciting!. There quite simply is no glass ceiling here, and the sky truly is the limit. Now more than ever, the visionary leaders who keep their focus on investing in premium domain names, will be a part of the futures most successful investors!

For all these reasons and more the secondary market place for domain names is the fastest growing investors asset class on the planet! Our advice for any interested investors, is to start collecting and controlling the letters of the alphabet today!. One word of advice though. Look for hidden values within the secondary market and do not bother with any other extension, other than the .com extension, it's the Predominant choice for most of the worlds top corporations. That is where the real money is!.

Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello everyone. There is a lot of mis-information about the true strategic value of Domain Names or .com Business Addresses permeating the Web. So I felt I should re-post an old 2005 post of mine which follows:

Sunday, November 06, 2005

"Domain Names are the KEY!!"

The strategic importance of Domain Names to modern distribution channels is just now beginning to be realized in today's global marketplace. Yet even savvy business people do not fully understand the value and strategic magnitude of Domain Names.

In fact, Domain Names are often confused with trademarks. Although they have some similarities, Domain Names in actuality are far more valuable marketing tools than most trademarks. The similarities between the two? Both the Domain Name and trademark are considered intellectual properties of a global nature. However that is where their similarities abruptly end.

The big difference? A trademark can be owned by multiple different entities, in multiple global locations, pursuing multiple businesses. A Domain Name, on the other side of the spectrum, is a one-of-a-kind, unique World Wide Web address, which can have only one controlling owner.The Domain Name commands many strategic advantages over a trademark. A trademark reveals a very limited amount of information, while the Domain Name actually "leads" the consumer or corporate buyer to an all-inclusive, information-rich website. Done successfully, the website embodies the information needed to effectively close the sale, slash prices and ultimately distribute goods and services more profitably.

These strategic advantages derived from using the Domain Name arguably position the Domain Name as the most important known key to unlock the potentially awesome marketing power of the World Wide Web.

It's a well-known fact that the companies, who discover the Holy Grail of marketing over the Internet, will be the world's leading mass marketers. To do this these companies need only to "master the first step."

And the first step or key to accessing and unleashing the power of the World Wide Web is to simply own and control the most universally recognized branding-rich Domain Name!

This old post is the truth in a nutshell! Like it or not !

I felt Domainers and Tech Crunch types should be reminded of the reality in todays Market Place.

Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

Thursday, February 24, 2011, The 800 Pound Gorilla of Search SOON ?

I along with my (Contact Group )team, have been analysing and formulating Business Model Rollouts for close to 40 years with combined professional experience even deeper than that. My roll as team leader segwayed from a career, functioning as The Marketing Analyst for the Rockefeller I.B.E.C. Group.

Marketing Analysts, analyse Business Model Rollouts, and my strategic function with I.B.E.C. was to initiate and expand Marketing Strategies for Over Seas Business Initiatives.

Marketing Analysts, for you not familiar with this area, look at the whole picture and psychology of Nascent Business initiatives, and is N O T , Madison Avenue Advertising. But rather a function of putting a microscope on Business Model initiatives. and their effectiveness in emerging Markets.

Our group is DEEP and knowone knows our niche better than We. Our Marketing Strategies are designed to be 4 Steps ahead of our competition as we release each new Strategy.We are moving rapidly for full deployment of the site in 2011. Googles particular Business Model is rapidly obsolescing and we know our Model will fully benefit, current business owners and their needs.

The Strategic Value of, along with powerfull Underlying Market Forces are Driving interesting players to our Table. Apples push into Business Apps. support would benefit most from our Business Model. We are close to all of the pieces to the puzzle being in place and is nearly complete. We are choosing Players that have the Right Stuff.
G o l i a t h M E E T D a v i d ™

Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Underlying Market Forces Drive Business Models, Rollouts, Exponentially !

The next step, will be my next post ! TO BE CONTINUED :

Monday, February 07, 2011

Is the new .Co another .CON ?

In my investment banking days, I had to sit through many Dog and Pony show meetings where different presentations were made for New Investment Products by corporate sponsors. My job as an investment advisor, as I saw it, was to invest my clients money wisely in the jungles of Wall Street. I saw a litany of Marketing Ploy offerings designed mostly by Attorneys and their council whose ending results, in many cases, separated clients from their hard earned money. I became good at spotting the investments that should be avoided in the process.

Although I was careful there were always a few that slipped by my radar and I and my clients were fooled by slick presentations. This was an over riding reason for my getting out of the Industry some fifteen years ago. Now I have had close to fifteen years of experience as a DOMAINER. To make a long story short. I have seen a litany of new extension offerings and have experienced much the same results from many of these new offerings. My advise to you is steer clear of any new extensions not just the .co version. My opinion is I smell a Rat!

Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

Friday, February 04, 2011

MY 2nd. POST after three year Break ENJOY !!

Business building APPS. Flying in the clouds!<

The Web Business Configurator or Web Business Incubator is collectively being perfected by more than one source as we speak. In the near future there will be Turnkey Business Apps.,created in the CLOUDS, designed to catalyse Business expansion in Cyber Space.

There will be certain factions, who may try to block progress in this coming evolution. Those who embrace it will be future leaders. In the end this will all culminate into the most rapid and dramatic Capital Expansion the world has ever seen.

Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

MY 1st POST after three year Break ENJOY !!

"The Coming Race To Cyberspace, OR Web Business Configurator Creation ™ " !!

There will be Two steps in the rollout and manifestation of Business Web Creation. The first stage is manifesting as I speak. In this first evolutionary process a company say for instance Trilogy Inc. will have a turn key process where by anyone with very limited I.T. experience will be able to configure their own compatible Web site creation.

That is the first Step, The second step will be my next post: TO BE CONTINUED