Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Most Valuable Branded Domain Names

Internet advertising's, sixty four million dollar question is, are keyword, stand alone traffic domain names, becoming somewhat irrelavent ? This is a question that all domainers are asking themselves, because of rapidly declining pay per click revenues that they are experiencing due to the rapid policy changes in payout structures at Yahoo and Google ?

Throughout the history of marketing and commerce, which has proven to be cyclical and forever morphing, there have been many different marketing concepts that have been adopted. In fact the very early phases of marketing involved quite literally generic barrels of goods and services.

During this generic labeling of goods and services there appeared on the scene a new concept that changed marketing forever. This phase was called Product Differentiation, or branding, which created a natural need for competitors to differentiate their products from other competitors. This allowed these competitors to separate themselves from the pack by building their own unique brand. This was the birth of branding as we know it today.

It is a natural progression that we are now beginning to experience in online advertising. This natural next step is logical in the rollout phase of modern day marketing that involves online branding of domain names.

All marketing agencies need to brand so as to differentiate their clients products from their competitiors. We at back in the mid nineties, placed an educated bet that there would evolve and be finally accepted another marketing doctrine called Target Market Branding.

Target Market Branding, such as eBay and USeBiz, take advantage of targeting certain market segments. More importantly Target Market Branding, supplies the branding qualities that advertising firms make their living on. We at are very pleased with our portfolio which is positioned to unlock the power of online branding incorporated into a .com powerhouse address.