Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Most Valuable Branded Domain Names

Internet advertising's, sixty four million dollar question is, are keyword, stand alone traffic domain names, becoming somewhat irrelavent ? This is a question that all domainers are asking themselves, because of rapidly declining pay per click revenues that they are experiencing due to the rapid policy changes in payout structures at Yahoo and Google ?

Throughout the history of marketing and commerce, which has proven to be cyclical and forever morphing, there have been many different marketing concepts that have been adopted. In fact the very early phases of marketing involved quite literally generic barrels of goods and services.

During this generic labeling of goods and services there appeared on the scene a new concept that changed marketing forever. This phase was called Product Differentiation, or branding, which created a natural need for competitors to differentiate their products from other competitors. This allowed these competitors to separate themselves from the pack by building their own unique brand. This was the birth of branding as we know it today.

It is a natural progression that we are now beginning to experience in online advertising. This natural next step is logical in the rollout phase of modern day marketing that involves online branding of domain names.

All marketing agencies need to brand so as to differentiate their clients products from their competitiors. We at back in the mid nineties, placed an educated bet that there would evolve and be finally accepted another marketing doctrine called Target Market Branding.

Target Market Branding, such as eBay and USeBiz, take advantage of targeting certain market segments. More importantly Target Market Branding, supplies the branding qualities that advertising firms make their living on. We at are very pleased with our portfolio which is positioned to unlock the power of online branding incorporated into a .com powerhouse address.

Monday, May 05, 2008, The First, Vertical Branded, Keyword, Media, Network

The key to unlocking the awesome power of the world wide web, is to simply own and control strategic keyword .com names. This statement has been the mantra of the growing number of investors and small business owners on the Web today. The investment class of premium .com domain names is the fastest growing investment class on the planet.

Anyone interested in joining the ranks of successful domain name investors will tell you it is the most exciting investment class that is available to investors today. The 800 pound gorilla of this investment category lies witin the .com extension. It is the extension of choice for all the worlds dominant players in the eBiz space. This extension has created more, over night millionaires than any of the other extensions combined.

The preference of most of the worlds most successful companies, has and always will be the .com extension. Even so, competing extensions like .tv and .mobi have been introduced by I.C.A.N.N. as alternatives to the .com extension, to appease the great demand pressure for good domain names. Many of these extensions have invested a lot of time and money trying to convince business owners that their extension is the extension of the future. Professional Web developers and business owners have obviously not been convinced of this.

The competition for strategically targeted keyword .com names is so fierce that large corporations have resorted to U.D.R.P. filings in order to try and steal these already leased names from legitimate paying small business lease holders. These U.D.R.P. filings are a shady way to legally steal names from their rightful owners. Most if not all U.D.R.P. filings go after the prized names in the .com extension. So as you can guess there are reasons for this preference for .com extension names and it all boils down to money.

The .com extension has become the defacto leader in Web traffic and volume business revenues, in spite of all the competing extensions advertising spin efforts to convince business owners otherwise. So we 10 years ago decided to concentrate our investments in the .com extension. We ,luckily, put together a marketing strategy to take advantage of the awsome marketing power of the world wide Web staying within the dominant marketing channel of the .com extension.

The strategy we chose incorporates key word .com names and has evolved into what we have come to call premium, Vertical, Branded, Key Word, Domain Names. It was a simple idea and it has been said by others down through history, that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas.

Here is an encapsulated explanation of the srategy. As we said we have incorporated key words with a short memorable branding handle. The branding handle we chose, for obvious reasons, was eBiz . So for example we chose the keyword of US, and came up with

There you have it. A Vertical, Branded, Key Word domain name. Does this sound like an answer to mass market goods and services over the World Wide Web ? We think the future holds great promise for people who have been creative within the .com extension. The beauty of these names we have created, take advantage of the power of Targeted Key Words and of course the awsome strategic power of the top ranked .com extension.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Most Valuable .COM Names

Follow the money and you will wind up in the .com extension. The worlds largest corporations do most of their business there. Even so competing extensions like .mobi have been introduced as alternatives to appease the great demand for domain names. Many of these extensions have invested a lot of money and time trying to convince you they are the extension of the future. Professional web developers have not been convinced.

The fact that the 800 pound Gorilla .com extension has very few unleased names available, has been putting ICANN in the heated spotlight of pressure from the web development community, to somehow make it easy for certain companies to somehow legally steal these .com leases from current payed leaseholders. Their argument is that they want the more valuable .com extensions to be available to their clients, to be developed the way they see fit. Never mind the rights of the current lease holders.

Sounds illegal doesn't it ? The current small business lease holders are up in arms and fighting mad about large predator corporations being able to legally file U.D.R.P. complaints that in 85% of the cases are effective in stealing away the rights of paying lease holders rights to their web site names.

These corporate predators are being told to look in other extensions for the names they covet and they are not having any of it. They would rather attempt to steal the names they lust after, from current paying lease holders, using the seemingly illegal and amorale U.D.R.P. process.

This questionable practice which is somehow legal, is used by corporations to bully current lease holders into giving up their addresses. It is in fact in many cases a form of reverse hyjacking or cyber stealing of paying lease holders valuable domain names. We feel U.D.R.P. filings are a legal disgrace that allows bigger corporations to steal small business owners rights to leased names they are paying for legally.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Those who are keen in finding the truth such as yourself will find it.Those who are in severe denial will have a hard time getting their arms around the truth. The Snowe Bill is a grim reminder of the past.

The truth is, All property owners through out history have had to protect their rights to ownership. Ask native Americans and you will get just some of the answers that are available to anyone interested in reality based facts of property ownership. A most helpfull read on this subject is, "A Peoples History of the United States 1492 to present" by Howard Zinn.
Getting back to the subject at hand, lets face it we need to work together to create a safety net designed to repel greedy masters who want our properties.

We all should consider supporting the I.C.A. that was birthed to protect all web based businesses from the larger predators up the food chain.
Anyone who would consider a fund raisng initiative with the URL of "" something worth while let me know of your interest in communally developing it for the I.C.A. I can be reached through a link on my website. Or directly contact

Monday, March 31, 2008 Sells for 55 M Usd.

Gee I wonder what a well funded advertising company would sell this name for, to an end user client? Probably a ten fold premium, I’d guess. Makes you wonder how really valuable direct navigation names are?
Maybe someone on this forum has a calculator handy. What is 5 % of the on line advertising Industry? That is the low low end of just the direct navigation industries, slice of the pie that we eat. This slice of the pie is only going to get larger, as the public starts getting wise on how to dial up companies addresses directly. Great Industry to be in right ?
Would you imagine in your wildest dreams someone wanting those kinds of dollars for themselves, and all they have to do is pick off small holders one by one and in so doing setting precedence as they go. Knowing that if the Snowe bill passes the take gets bigger. On top of this the small business owners have no $ coming in 24/7 to protect their interests, because knowone cares to pool assets to fund a passage residual income source used to protect their turf?
Our competition employs professional fund raisers, with a planned systematic approach to change our addresses to theirs. Its been going on now since I’ve been in the business for as long as I can remember.
The ad companies aren’t pushing direct navigation because they don’t control the addresses. They will not quit, without a fight. Please support a fund raising initiative for the I.C.A. “ “
Media Shift from S.E.O. to Direct Navigation

According to some sources. Online advertising is starting to slow down, or is it ? It is still growing at a double digit growth rate, but there are signs that it is starting to slow down. Ad revenue in 2007 grew 18.8% to $3.2 billion compared to 2.6 Billion in 2006. Even so there are definite signs at Google and Yahoo this week that the numbers are going South.There may be a logical explanation for all of this. Could it be a paradigm shift in the marketplace ?

Is S.E.O. slowly losing ground to direct dial or direct navigation? Slow but sure net denizens are catching on to the fact that they can often take short cuts to get to what they are after, very similar to going to the yellow pages index to find keywords. Then just type up what you are really after. Here is an example, interested in Widgets, Business, Wine, ...........then just type in ...........Keyword .com ? See, you get the real deal, not what the search engines cook up for you. There, now was that a lot faster ? Yes it cuts to the chase, Mikey Likes It !

This just might be the wave of the future. Are you sure ? It makes way too much sense to me. In other words what you are saying is we the consumers will not have to be lead through a Pitch laden path of pop ups and what not, and get quickly to what we are after ? Yes I am sure. Last time I checked it worked much more efficiently for me, and best of all it saved me time and frustration. Wow Revolutionary !

As this trend continues to take hold what do you think the major Media companies will do? Well word has it that they are buying up the better names out there. What would you suggest for people who are in control of the better names ? Hold on the future looks bright.