Monday, March 31, 2008 Sells for 55 M Usd.

Gee I wonder what a well funded advertising company would sell this name for, to an end user client? Probably a ten fold premium, I’d guess. Makes you wonder how really valuable direct navigation names are?
Maybe someone on this forum has a calculator handy. What is 5 % of the on line advertising Industry? That is the low low end of just the direct navigation industries, slice of the pie that we eat. This slice of the pie is only going to get larger, as the public starts getting wise on how to dial up companies addresses directly. Great Industry to be in right ?
Would you imagine in your wildest dreams someone wanting those kinds of dollars for themselves, and all they have to do is pick off small holders one by one and in so doing setting precedence as they go. Knowing that if the Snowe bill passes the take gets bigger. On top of this the small business owners have no $ coming in 24/7 to protect their interests, because knowone cares to pool assets to fund a passage residual income source used to protect their turf?
Our competition employs professional fund raisers, with a planned systematic approach to change our addresses to theirs. Its been going on now since I’ve been in the business for as long as I can remember.
The ad companies aren’t pushing direct navigation because they don’t control the addresses. They will not quit, without a fight. Please support a fund raising initiative for the I.C.A. “ “
Media Shift from S.E.O. to Direct Navigation

According to some sources. Online advertising is starting to slow down, or is it ? It is still growing at a double digit growth rate, but there are signs that it is starting to slow down. Ad revenue in 2007 grew 18.8% to $3.2 billion compared to 2.6 Billion in 2006. Even so there are definite signs at Google and Yahoo this week that the numbers are going South.There may be a logical explanation for all of this. Could it be a paradigm shift in the marketplace ?

Is S.E.O. slowly losing ground to direct dial or direct navigation? Slow but sure net denizens are catching on to the fact that they can often take short cuts to get to what they are after, very similar to going to the yellow pages index to find keywords. Then just type up what you are really after. Here is an example, interested in Widgets, Business, Wine, ...........then just type in ...........Keyword .com ? See, you get the real deal, not what the search engines cook up for you. There, now was that a lot faster ? Yes it cuts to the chase, Mikey Likes It !

This just might be the wave of the future. Are you sure ? It makes way too much sense to me. In other words what you are saying is we the consumers will not have to be lead through a Pitch laden path of pop ups and what not, and get quickly to what we are after ? Yes I am sure. Last time I checked it worked much more efficiently for me, and best of all it saved me time and frustration. Wow Revolutionary !

As this trend continues to take hold what do you think the major Media companies will do? Well word has it that they are buying up the better names out there. What would you suggest for people who are in control of the better names ? Hold on the future looks bright.