Friday, May 02, 2008

Most Valuable .COM Names

Follow the money and you will wind up in the .com extension. The worlds largest corporations do most of their business there. Even so competing extensions like .mobi have been introduced as alternatives to appease the great demand for domain names. Many of these extensions have invested a lot of money and time trying to convince you they are the extension of the future. Professional web developers have not been convinced.

The fact that the 800 pound Gorilla .com extension has very few unleased names available, has been putting ICANN in the heated spotlight of pressure from the web development community, to somehow make it easy for certain companies to somehow legally steal these .com leases from current payed leaseholders. Their argument is that they want the more valuable .com extensions to be available to their clients, to be developed the way they see fit. Never mind the rights of the current lease holders.

Sounds illegal doesn't it ? The current small business lease holders are up in arms and fighting mad about large predator corporations being able to legally file U.D.R.P. complaints that in 85% of the cases are effective in stealing away the rights of paying lease holders rights to their web site names.

These corporate predators are being told to look in other extensions for the names they covet and they are not having any of it. They would rather attempt to steal the names they lust after, from current paying lease holders, using the seemingly illegal and amorale U.D.R.P. process.

This questionable practice which is somehow legal, is used by corporations to bully current lease holders into giving up their addresses. It is in fact in many cases a form of reverse hyjacking or cyber stealing of paying lease holders valuable domain names. We feel U.D.R.P. filings are a legal disgrace that allows bigger corporations to steal small business owners rights to leased names they are paying for legally.

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