Saturday, October 27, 2007

" Media Typo Mistakes "

What are the chances that you or anyone else for that matter would type in Hulu, over say, a REAL WORD site like Yahoo or eBay ? Slim to nothing right, because people type in key words when searching for a site.

My point being, time and again, seemingly savvy, large corporate players will gamble on a .com typo address, such as Hulu, to launch their business hopes on.
What would cause someone in charge of launching a web start up company to blow away any chance of capturing 10-20% type in traffic ?

Believe it or not their B-School training has always insisted on heavy advertising for any new business launch! This approach may have worked 30 years ago before the internet dramatically changed the playing field.

Old line Advertising firms still preach that to launch a business you need to pay them vast amounts of money for a prolonged period of time on an advertising campaign. This siren song has caused many internet start up companies to wind up on the rocks. It is a seriously flawed approach.

So if your goal is to be successful in the highly competitive launch of an internet business. Use the same money you would otherwise spend on an advertising budget, instead, on a keyword, targeted address, preferably a .com address, from a domainer. Yes I said make your purchase from a Domainer.

The truth is all the A list domain names worth considering, already belong to them. Now I know for some of you control freak Masters of the Universe, this is difficult. After all rewarding someone for choosing a life of creationism over a life based on the traditional B-School Ethos is quite hard on the EGO. Especially when you feel you've been beaten to the punch.

My professional advice to you is, get over it, and spend your money wisely on a world class .com address. Your chances of success on the e-Biz platform dramatically Increase. Granted, typo name addresses are cheap! but remember if you buy your .com address on the cheap, guess what your image is?

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