Wednesday, October 24, 2007

" US e-Biz is on Fire "

Gadzooks Batman are you telling me I can invest under $10 and be in an investment pool that Donald Trump is in? Yes Robin!, Follow me I'll show you how!
Actually Robin, hundreds of Domainers are enlisting in the next gold rush, and they are buying TV and Radio stations with the booty they are enjoying from the sale of Domain Names!
Gosh Batman, this sounds a lot like the e-Biz Bubble era of 2000!

Robin get Real!, this time around very profitable e-Biz giants like Google have just entered the game. Domain Names are burning their way into the record books as being the worlds fastest growing asset class.

Golly Batman, what gave you the first clue? That's easy Robin, you know I have to keep up with the worlds Jokers and while boning up on my research I noticed a Front Page article in Business Weeks May 12 th 2003 Special Report "The E-BIZ SURPRISE" and I almost jumped out of my suit!

Golly Jeepers Batman!, How can I take advantage of this? Well Robin, just keep your I-phone tuned into US my favorite DOMAINLAIR. Holy grail Batman! Do you think I'm too late? Da, Google does not think so!

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