Thursday, November 08, 2007

" Attack of The Android or Android to the Rescue ? "

We all have been watching with great interest, Googles latest preemptive launch of its open source Android platform, designed to revolutionize all of our wireless experiences. Buried underneath it all, is a battle for an open source, wireless internet world, supported by Google or a closed source, wireless internet world, manipulated by Microsoft.

I have never been a supporter of Microsoft, whose strategy for growth has always been based on controlling the consumer rather than servicing them. The ramifications of this latest chapter in the Star Wars like battle between these two companies is just another example why Googles organic growth will inevitably surpass Microsofts.

My gut feeling tells me that Android will be wildly successful. You only have to look at the historical track record of open source creativity, versus the closed source protectionist philosophy, to realize the most probable outcome.

History also demonstrates very clearly that closed source software platforms inhibit innovation and creativity, not to mention competition. Consumers crave a platform that involves their active participation in the creative process involved with their web experience!

My fear along with others is that the closed source gang is well entrenched in the wireless industry already. They look at this latest preemptive strike by Googles Android as a threat to their beloved monopoly. Companies that are missing from the Android initiative such as, A T&T and Verizon Wireless, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry and others make me wonder about their committment to serve the consumer?

We as Domainers and consumers have a responsibility for supporting all open source intiatives, whose end result speeds up innovation lowers costs and provides a service to all. We all deserve a robust wireless internet experience. We all need to send a signal to these holdout companies, that we are not going to take it anymore!. Yes even if it means not buying an I-phone!

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